Discover the seabed of Skiathos.
The clear blue waters, the beauty of the seabed, the agony of exploration create a unique diving experience. On the island of Skiathos you have the opportunity to dive safely by experienced guides to reefs, shipwrecks, caves such as the cave of Poseidon with red corals and other seabed sights. There are also dives for beginners that start with the necessary technical and safety lessons and continue with diving in shallower waters, always with the accompaniment and supervision of an experienced teacher. The experience and the respect for the natural environment of the northern Sporades, offer unique images of charm and beauty.


Extend Your
Skiathos students paralysis colorful water sports schools staffed with specialized and experienced staff. To choose access to banana, surfing, water kayak, pedal boat and jet ski and kite surfing!


Walk on the island
Horseback riding is a big part of the tradition in Skiathos and in combination with the green landscapes, the island could not miss the horse ride.
The equestrian centers of Skiathos organize day trips to the forest, beaches and trails, giving you the opportunity to explore the beauty of the island in a different way.


Explore the sea.
Accompanied by dolphins, tour places you would not otherwise be able to see. Anchored on small, secluded beaches you swim in caves, dive to the bottom with colorful fish and shipwrecks, knowing a different side of the island. On the island there are many options for renting boats, with or without a skipper, to tour the island, visit the Sporades complex and swim in the clear blue waters of the Aegean.
Journey Of The Tastes
Traditional flavors and modern Greek cuisine make an appointment at your table. On the island you will find numerous restaurants, traditional taverns and tsipouro restaurants, where you can get a taste of Greek gastronomy.
Capture moments
Skiathos, one of the green Greek islands with its imposing coastline and scattered beaches with clear blue waters. Whether you are on vacation with your family and want a quiet environment, or with friends and looking for adventure, Skiathos is the right place for you.
With more than 60 beaches, the small island combines natural beauty with nightlife, but also hospitable people and can turn your vacation into a memorable experience.