Looking at the port, you can discover the beauty among the most beautiful Boutique hotels in Skiathos, Greece. Meltemi hotel is an amazing site, newly renovated and ready to welcome you to true island hospitality.

Overlooking the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea and only a few steps away from the renowned Papadiamanti Str, this magnificent hotel is bound to steal your heart. Discover the true beauty of Skiathos in the Sporades, by staying at this breathtaking Hotel.

Enjoy genuine luxurious holidays!!


Family-friendly and a low-rise hotel in an urban setting, offering a scenic location next to Skiathos’ port. Meltemi Hotel is just a 5-minute walk from the old town center…literally in the heart of the island.

Imagine spending your vacation in the most picturesque hotel in Skiathos, surrounded by the golden sun, the unique Sporades nature, the crystal blue waters and the famous Mamma Mia beaches.

Meltemi hotel in Skiathos brings your fantasies to life. The breathtaking panoramic view of the deep blue sea, the cosmopolitan Papadiamanti street, and the mesmerizing Aegean vibe, make Meltemi hotel the ideal Greek getaway for your private holidays.