The cosmopolitan island of  Sporades
Skiathos is one of the most popular islands of the North Aegean, as it is suitable for those who seek from their holidays both natural beauty and peace as well as intense nightlife and entertainment. Access to the island of Skiathos can be done by boat from the port of Volos, Thessaloniki and the other islands of the Sporades and through the airport that serves direct flights from abroad and inland.

Skiathos is an island with strong traditional Greek elements and many cultural attractions, such as numerous Byzantine and medieval monuments, churches, monasteries and castles, the lush island of Bourtzi with the ruins of the Venetian fortress, and the house of the famous Skiadian today it functions as a museum.

Beaches and
Skiathos has more than 60 beaches offering options for everyone. In the southern part of the island the beaches are more cosmopolitan and organized, while in the north more quiet. Among the most famous beaches of the island are Koukounaries, Chrysi Ammos and Banana where you will find taverns, infrastructure for water sports and beach bar, where many parties are organized!
Do not miss the natural attractions of Skiathos, such as the sea caves on Lalaria beach, but also the pine forest in Koukounaries, in which there is the lake Strofilias, where you will find many species of birds. For relaxing moments and isolated dives, visit the beaches of Mandraki, Elia, Agistros, Mikros and Megalos Aselinos in the western part of the island and indulge in the rich and green vegetation.
Unique tastes and
The island of Skiathos is considered by many to be Mykonos of the Sporades, as it offers many entertainment options. On the east side of Chora, the capital of the island, along the port, numerous bars, the famous Pillows with delicious cocktails and the summer cinema of the city, while in the old town, in the western part of the port, you will find the popular clubs for dancing until morning. In Chora of the island you will find taverns in the picturesque alleys, in romantic terraces overlooking the Aegean even on the sea and taste fresh fish and seafood. Do not forget to try the sweets of the spoon, with the most special of them the “white” dessert of the spoon, made with almonds.
The completely renovated Meltemi Hotel is located in the heart of Chora, just a 5-minute walk from the center of Skiathos Old Town.
The hotel is located in a mainly urban environment on the one hand, maintaining the picturesque beauty offered by the port of Skiathos on the other. Around Meltemi, there are traditional taverns, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets, grocery stores and ATMs. Very close to the hotel you will find shops for renting cars, motorcycles and boats to do island hopping, around Skiathos and to tour the other islands of the Sporades.

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