We take hygiene and cleanliness standards very seriously and take extra steps to ensure the safety of our visitors and partners. On a daily basis, our hotels work to ensure that they meet the latest hygiene and cleaning guidelines. Our hotel health and safety measures are designed to treat a wide range of viruses, including COVID-19, and include everything from hygienic hand washing standards and cleaning products to rooms and common room cleaning procedures. The specific steps taken by the hotels of Manthos include:

Health, Safety and Awareness Partners: Hotel partners – and their own health, safety and knowledge – are essential to an effective cleaning program. Here are some ways we can support them:

  • Hand hygiene: Proper and frequent hand washing is vital to combating the spread of viruses. In our daily meetings, our groups remind us that cleanliness begins with this simple act. It is important for their health and for our guests.
  • Ongoing training: In addition to training on cleaning and hygiene protocols, hotel staff also complete improved COVID-19 awareness training.
  • Real-time information: Waiting 24/7 for hotel support and coordination with local and regional authorities.

Cleaning products and protocols: Our hotels use anti-virus cleaning products and protocols, such as:

  • Guest Rooms: Hotels use cleaning and disinfection protocols to clean rooms after guests leave and before the next guest arrives, paying particular attention to high-end objects.
  • Public areas: Hotels have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in public areas, with an emphasis on the reception desk, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms and even room keys.
  • Back of the house: In areas where co-workers work “behind the scenes”, hotels increase the frequency of cleaning and focus on high-touch areas such as affiliate entrances, locker rooms, laundries and offices staff.